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Not updating so much.

2012-06-29 12:16:25 by Directinput

Just noticed i havent touched my NG in so long.

If you still want me, check out my Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

I'll try and get songs up here asap.



2012-04-16 18:16:24 by Directinput

interested in remixing my new song? then click here. This is not a contest, this is for personal enjoyment only. if you use the original song, or a remix, remember to give full credit to me and the remixer. have a good day :D


2011-12-11 21:01:05 by Directinput

no seriosuly.

i did a collab with Timerclock14! go listen and download here!


2011-11-20 20:31:20 by Directinput

i submitted to the lights-toes remix contest. check me out, bitches.

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2011-11-14 08:17:31 by Directinput

hey guys. just wanted to let you know i am releasing a new ep. it will be called "Up In The Air" and itll have 9 tracks. (7 originals and 2 remixes). watch a preview and get the full track listing here:



2011-10-25 21:43:39 by Directinput

sooo i made a flash website. check it out?


it would make my life! im at 68th place right now. how high do you think i can go?

Kenna - Chains remix

2011-09-26 08:16:58 by Directinput

ive made a kenna - chains remix, which you can listen to and download on soundcloud here. Cant upload it to newgrounds cause of the rules on sampling and stuff. go have a listen.

nearly 30 downloads?

2011-09-19 23:17:18 by Directinput

so as you probably know, i released an 8track EP recently. its entitled "Of The Mind". Anyways, i was checking the statistics recently, and the download count was 29 downloads.

Fucking 29.

THis is just, wow. I never expected for it to even get ANY downloads at all. if any of you downloaded it, i thnk you. id say id thank you from the bottom of my heart, but that'd be gay. for the people who have no idea what the fuck im talking about, Here's a link to the EP. And for the trolls who are probably gonna comment "my last album got 150 downloads this week!", my 29 downloads may be low to you, but to me, its amazing. not even a year ago i was getting no downloads. id say ive accomplished at least something. Thank you.


nearly 30 downloads?


2011-09-16 23:12:09 by Directinput

just wanted to do a quick update to let you know on upcoming projects. I am currently working on a few right now, the main one being a kenna - chains remix. ive been working hard on it for the past few days and am intending for a finish date before september is out. ive also made a concept album cover, which can be viewed below. i might put up a work in progress on my soundcloud, but i cant determine if i have the will to do it or not.

I am also in thr works of writing a new piano piece, and a new dance/house track as well. i also was working on a "set fire to the rain" cover, but tehn i noticed something, i am FUCKING TERRIBLE at singing. i also have little bits and pieces to waiting to be grown. may post a demo mix on NG soon, but idk yet.

well, thats about it, for now. be sure to check back to find the release date for the remix coming soon!